The Other Foot on the Ladder

Whilst asset managers for The Marlands Shopping Centre - we launched a new concept under the title of ‘The Loft Ladder’ at a test site in Southampton. This will provide an opportunity for new up-and-coming brands and smaller independent companies to gain a manageable foothold on the retail ladder.

A space they can afford, one that is achievable as a starting point but which can expand as they grow once they become more established. Younger consumers want these new more exciting homegrown retailers who offer unique, enterprising ideas, or fresh and exciting low production products. These same consumers have become increasingly anti the global high street giants, where everything is becoming similar.

The retail development here will rely on our skill and experience to bring it to life. Few companies have this expertise to hand. Our team of inventive financiers, architects, designers and visionaries will help to transform this into the first of what we hope will be many ‘Loft’ destinations around the country.